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Christine Grimaldi (Director of Biologics, DMPK, Boehringer-Ingelheim)

Highly Sensitive Nano/Micro LC/MS for Target Engagement of Large Molecule Bioanalysis
Jun Qu (Professor, SUNY-Buffalo)

Identification of Modified Peptides Using a Bottom-Up Approach
Bingming Chen (DMPK, Merck)

Model-informed Pharmacokinetic Characterization of Antibody-based Therapeutics
Don Mager (Professor, SUNY-Buffalo)

Trapping-Nano-LC-MS on GLP and Clinical Protein/Peptide Bioanalysis
Barry Jones (Q2 Solutions)

The Importance of Incorporating Succinimide Hydrolysis Products for LC-MS/MS Bioanalysis of Protein-Drug Conjugates and Bioanalytical Workflow for Scaffold Protein-Drug Conjugates
Wenying Jan (Janssen)

ADME of Antibody-Drug Conjugates
Ramaswamy Iyer (Bristol Myers-Squibb)