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Julie Cui (University of Washington): “Gut-Liver Axis and Environmental Chemical Exposures”

Peter Spanogiannopoulos (University of California San Francisco): “A Prevalent Operon from the Human Gut Microbiome is Responsible for the Inactivation of Fluoropyrimidine Anticancer Drugs”

Aaron Wright (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Washington State University): “Functional Characterization of Drug Metabolizing Enzymes at the Host-Gut Microbiome Interface”

Seth Walk (Montana State University): “Microbiome Determinants of Arsenic Toxicity”

Andrew Goodman (Yale University): “Identifying Microbiome-Encoded Drug Metabolizing Enzymes”

David Shen (University of Pennsylvania): “FXR-Dependent Modulation of the Human Small Intestinal Microbiome by the Bile Acid Derivative Obeticholic Acid”