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Advancements in Translational PK-ADME Science: Always Exciting, But at Times Perplexing
David Rodrigues, Head of Drug Metabolism and Nonclinical PK at Incyte
Following his education in the UK, and postdoc at the University of Louisville (Kentucky), David has had a 34-year track record as a DMPK scientist at various US-based pharmaceutical companies (Searle, Abbott, Merck, BMS, and Pfizer). He is currently at Incyte (Wilmington, DE), serving as Associate VP and Head of Drug Metabolism & Nonclinical PK. Throughout his career, he has maintained his passion for the science, mentoring, team building, innovation, and vision building. This is reflected in his sustained contributions to multiple company pipelines, and effective partnerships with academia (e.g., Universities of Tokyo, Adelaide, Helsinki, Manchester, Rhode Island, and Washington State), and various CRO partners (e.g., Solvo, Newcells, Xenotec,h). In 2009 he was inducted as AAPS Fellow. He is the recipient of both the 2021 ISSX North American Distinguished Accomplishments in Drug Discovery & Development Award and the 2023 American College of Clinical Pharmacology Distinguished Investigator Award. David has authored 195 peer-reviewed manuscripts, presented at nearly 100 national/international scientific symposia, served as reviewer and editorial board member for different DMPK journals, and has been Editor of 4 DMPK-related textbooks.

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